Your vehicle’s brake system is central to the safety of you, your passengers, and even other road users. Your brakes are not only responsible for stopping the car, they also assist you to decelerate when going downhill, help in avoiding collisions and keep your vehicle stationary when not being used.

Woonona Tyres & Mechanical’s qualified technicians can conduct regular inspections of your vehicle’s brake system including brake pads, shoes and rotors. We can service and replace the different components as necessary.

Indicators that there may be an issue with your vehicle’s brakes include:

  • Grinding or squealing noises
  • Shuddering steering wheel
  • Vehicle veers to either side
  • Vehicle takes longer to stop than normal
  • Loss of grip on the road when braking
  • A change in the feel of the brake pedal (unusually hard or soft)

It is recommended that all inspections, services and repairs should be strictly conducted by a qualified technician. You simply can’t afford to make any mistakes. Woonona Tyres & Mechanical service brakes in Woonona and the surrounding area.

Call us on 02 4285 5275, or come in and see us at 500 Princes Hwy, Woonona, to arrange an inspection of your brake system. We stock a variety of quality car brakes, brake pads, brake discs and brake equipment, and service most makes and models.