Victra Sport 5 VS5 Tyre

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Tyre Brand: Maxxis

Tyre Name: Victra Sport 5 VS5

Tyre Details

New summer UHP tyre with a fashionably attractive appearance

Key Features

  • New materials and consutrction methods deliver improved stength and handling performance under high speed
  • New Aramid/Nylon ply layer reduces tyre weight and improves rolling resistance and handling performance at high speed
  • New optimised sidewall construction delivers extra strength without compromising on ride comfort
  • Highly dispersed full silica compound delivers excellent grip in the wet and dry and improves fuel consumption.

Performance Category: Ultra High Performance

Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
225/45R17 94Y94Y XL
235/45R17 97W97W XL
245/40R17 95Y95Y XL
245/45R17 99Y99Y XL
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
215/40R18 89Y89Y XL
225/40R18 92Y92Y XL
225/45R18 95Y95Y XL
235/40R18 95W95W XL
235/45R18 98W98W XL
235/50R18 97Y97Y
235/55R18 100Y100Y
235/60R18 107W107W XL
245/40R18 97Y97Y XL
245/45R18 100W100W XL
255/35R18 94Y94Y
255/45R18 103W103W
255/55R18 109Y109Y
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
225/40R19 93Y93Y XL
225/45R19 96Y96Y
235/35R19 91Y91Y XL
235/40R19 96Y96Y XL
235/45R19 99Y99Y
235/50R19 99W99W
235/55R19 105V105V XL
245/40R19 98Y98Y XL
245/45R19 102Y102Y XL
255/35R19 96Y96Y
255/40R19 100Y100Y
255/50R19 107Y107Y
255/55R19 111Y111Y
265/50R19 110Y110Y
275/35R19 100Y100Y
275/45R19 108Y108Y XL
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
235/55R20 102W102W
245/45R20 103W103W XL
255/45R20 105Y105Y
255/50R20 109Y109Y
255/55R20 110Y110Y
265/45R20 104Y104Y
275/40R20 106Y106Y
275/45R20 110Y110Y
295/40R20 110Y110Y XL
315/35R20 110Y110Y
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
275/45R21 110Y110Y XL
295/35R21 107Y107Y XL