AT3-LT Tyre

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Tyre Brand: Cooper

Tyre Name: AT3-LT

Tyre Details

The new generation all-terrain AT3LT™ delivers safety, reliability, durability, and peace of mind. With an 80,000km warranty* it is real value for money and fit for purpose. The AT3LT™ has the latest Generation tyre Technology and can be fitted to most 4WD and SUV with a large size selection.

Key Features

  • Deep Treads - Remain a key feature on the LT™ and XLT™ and with a combination of Durable Technology™ Coupled Silica Compound, reduces tread damage from cut and chip while delivering premium traction and tread life.
  • Gentle Whisper Groove™ Shields - Contain tread pattern noise within the tread area to deliver even lower tread pattern noise (20% less) for increased in-cabin comfort.
  • High Tensile Light Truck Body Ply - Cords protect your tyre from sidewall abrasion and increases resistance to sidewall damage. Durable Technology™ body ply cords deliver improved tyre safety.
  • Maximised Full-Depth Micro Gauge Siping - With more biting edges allows the tread blocks to interlock, giving you increased grip, handling and safety for the entire life of the tyre.
  • Next Gen Silica Compound - With Durable Technology™ a cut and chip resistant compound for improved tread life and mileage. The silica content in the AT3LT™ and AT3XLT™, is optimised to deliver more grip, improved safety, extended tread life.
  • Rock Ledges - At the base of the tread blocks are designed to reduce stone retention and stone drilling, while also increasing tyre protection from hazards through less case exposure.
  • Scalloped Shoulders - Deliver increased soft surface off-road traction usually reserved for a more aggressive tread design. This feature allows additional traction without compromising on road tyre performance and safety.
  • Super Tensile Light Truck Steel Belt - Provide stronger and more durable layers under the full tread area to protect against road hazards and stone damage. Durable Technology™ steel belts deliver improved tyre safety.

Performance Category: All Terrain

Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
LTLT225/75R16 115R115R E
LTLT235/85R16 120R120R E
LTLT245/70R16 118R118R E
LTLT245/75R16 120R120R E
LTLT265/70R16 121R121R E
LTLT265/75R16 123R123R E
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
LTLT225/75R17 116R116R E
LTLT245/70R17 119S119S E
LTLT265/65R17 120R120R E
LTLT265/70R17 121S121S E
LTLT275/65R17 121S121S E
LTLT275/70R17 121R121R E
LTLT285/65R17 121S121S E
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
LTLT265/60R18 119S119S E
LTLT265/65R18 122R122R E
LTLT275/65R18 123S123S E