Replacement Guarantee

A unique feature of Hankook’s Ultra High Performance Tyre* range is our Road Hazard Replacement Guarantee, whereby compensation can be claimed for damage caused by road hazards under the following conditions:

  1. Within 25% worn of the original tread depth and
  2. Within one year from the purchase date

Tyres will not be covered by Road Hazard Replacement Guarantee in the following situations:

  1. Tyres without an original invoice
  2. Damage caused by mechanical and wheel alignment problems
  3. Damage caused by vandalism, over/under inflation
  4. Commercial, Taxi or Competition use
* To qualify for the UHPT Road Hazard Replacement Guarantee the Hankook UHP Tyre needs to be rim diameter 16″ or greater, series 55 or lower and speed rating V or above.