Fuel Saving Tips

Did you know that the rolling-resistance of tyres consume about 20 per cent of what pours down the bowser hose? Every fifth time you fill your fuel tank, you are filling it up for the tyres, not for the engine.

Choose tyres made with Silica

Tyres using Hankook silica compound technology can reduce your tyres’ rolling resistance, meaning it needs less energy to move. This in turn reduces your cars fuel consumption.

Keep tyres properly inflated

Low tyre pressure reduces fuel kilometres (and causes increased tread wear). You can lose up to 6% of fuel efficiency for every pound per square inch (PSI) below the manufacturer’s minimum recommendation.

Have your tyres properly balanced

Service your vehicle regularly

Keeping a vehicle well maintained keeps it operating efficiently. Worn spark plugs ad dirty air filters increase your vehicle’s thirst.

Turn off your engine if stopping for long periods

Restarting your car takes less fuel than idling. Idling consumes half-a-litre to one litre of fuel per hour and wastes more fuel than restarting the engine.

Turn off the air conditioner

Running your air conditioner causes extra work for the engine, which lowers fuel efficiency by 5-10%.

Remove unnecessary weight from your car

Every 90 kilograms of unnecessary weight reduces mileage by one kilometre.

On long trips use cruise control

Plan your trip before you leave

Getting lost or having to backtrack wastes fuel.

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